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Monday, July 25, 2011

Of Boys and Bubbles

A couple of days ago, josh had his friend Gage over and they made bubble makers. Then they had fun being the chefs in our restaraunt and making all sorts of confections out of bubbles. Then, when I got sick of being the waitress, they "cleaned" the entire patio.

New outfit

I have not blogged in forever!!!

My mom made me an awesome new outfit using fabric from Hobby Lobby, old jeans, an thrift store bracelet, and a spare headband. Eventually she is going to add a ruffle to one of my shirts to match.

The skirt

the entire ensemble

The bracelet

The headband

The whole thing again

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Last Thursday was my birthday! I amm now twelve! My mom made overr my room for my bithday and I love it! She has pictures of it on her blog. I got some super cute jewelry and a video from Matt, and a little desktop toy from Josh. It was awesome! The day before my mom took me and my two best friends to Cherry Hill and then Yogotogo. Morgan gave me a ducky necklace and some new chalk pastels and Tailor gave me a pillow pet. The funny thing is, they both used the exact same bag, just in different sizes!